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Who is eligible to register?
- Anyone aged between 17-24 years, preferably with a bias to IT students/practitioners.

Are people aged 24+ allowed to participate to the competition?
- People who do not meet the age requirement cannot take part in the CyberStars competition. However, hey CAN register on the Cyber Range platform and practice to enhance their skills. Future competitions will also be aimed at individuals aged 24+

How can I practice before the online qualification?
- You can practice on the Cyber Range platform or use any open source virtual machines available online.

Will I compete individually or in a team?
- Individually. However, the winners from a country will have a chance to compete as a team against teams from other countries.

How you will chose or evaluate the best 50 qualified participants for the CyberStars Final Event ?
- Winners will be awarded based on the final score from the CTF .

How Many Winners will be awarded at the national final event?
Each final event will have 3 winners. Specifically, three awards will be given:
  • Cyber Star Attacker – awarded to the participant with the highest score in the are of ethical hacking and system exploitation
  • Cyber Star Defender – awarded to the participant with the highest score in the area of ICT infrastructure and system protection
  • Cyber Star Responder - awarded to the participant with the highest score in the area computer forensics and malware analysis

Can a CyberStar Mentor participate as player?
- Mentors cannot join the competition and participate with other players. Mentors are only allowed to mentor up to the day of the competition but cannot be present during the competition or provide any type of help to the participant during the competition.

How will you ensure participants meet the age group requirements?
- There is no age group check upon registration. In order to partake the finals, each eligible participant will be asked to provide proof of identity and age. Non-compliance with the age requirement will result in disqualification of the participant and ban of the same from future competitions. Overall, the competition is also a test of ethics and all participants are expected to adhere to the competition code of ethics.

Apart from age, are there any other requirements to be met to participate in the competition?
- Age is the only registration requirement, regardless of whether the participant is a student or an employed professional. The objective of the competition is to identify young cybersecurity professionals.

Where can one register for the competition?
- On the portal. Ensure you specify the country where you are resident

Does each country/region have their own registration portal?
- No. The registration link is the same for all the participants. However, it is important to specify your country when registering.

Does one have to be a graduate/student of IT?
- No. The important requirement is to be aged 17-24 at the time of the registration.

What happens after one has registered?
- All registered participants will be asked to create an account on the Silensec Cyber Range platform located at, which is where the participants can prepare for the competition and where the competition is held.
After the registration period ends, all registered participants will be contacted to partake an online pre-selection test, from which only 200 candidates will be selected. Those 200 participants will then partake the semi-final online competition, from which 50 participants will be selected. The final 50 participants will be partaking the finals event where the best 3 candidates will be awarded. The 3 winners from each country will go on to compete as a team against the winning teams of other countries

Where will the final competition be held?
- At a selected locations in the respective countries. The specific venue will be announced during the course of the year.

What benefits do the winners stand to gain?
  • Prizes
  • They get exposure to potential employers and have a chance to be absorbed in the job market by the participating sponsoring organizations
  • Ability to practice and develop their cybersecurity skills
  • It is a great opportunity to network with other like minded people and showcase their talent

Who are the mentors?
- Mentors are professionals from local universities and industry partners who will mentor the participants on a voluntary basis.

Will Silensec form be part of the mentorship program?
- Because of the many countries involved, Silensec will only offer guidance/advice and information on the mentorship program when called upon

Can the participants compete in teams?
- The national competition is based on individual participation. However, the 3 finalists from each country will compete as a team against other teams from other countries

What is the duration of the competition, from registration to the national finals?
- It varies from country to country as not each country will begin the competition at the same time. Please check the website for detailed information about your country.

As a participant, is there any specific requirement in terms of laptop or computer to be able to participate to the competition?
- Yes one must have a computer and reliable internet to effectively participate in the online competition. However, during the finals, Internet connectivity will be provided.